Antique Hardware Reproductions and Restoration.
For Those Who Know The Originals.
18th Century through Victorian


We MAKE all the items listed in our catalog, and on the web site. To do this, we make turnings from bar stock, castings in brass, bronze, iron and aluminum, our hand forged iron items include hinges, latches, fireplace equipment, and much more.

  • Our thin sheet lighting department creates lanterns and sconces from tin, pewter finish steel, copper and brass.
  • Our cast lighting department uses mostly castings of brass or bronze for interior or exterior lighting for all locations.
  • We have a complete finishing department to make a smooth, antique or polished surface on just about any metal. 
  • Our Specials Department uses all or any of the processes above to copy, repair, or just polish your valued originals—same process—same people involved, it goes on every day.


Our main website is big enough without these items added. A new site was needed, for special offerings, the .BIZ SITE, is part of Ball and Ball, and will operate within the guidelines of the Company.

We hope to be able to add new items often.


Having a hard time finding ORIGINAL HARDWARE FOR YOUR HOME RESTORATION?  The site has many common, and some rare house hardware restorations listed. Also restored lighting, fireplace and cooking items are shown. New items added here as they are restored, look often, or email with your questions.

Whitman Ball


We will ship all items the least expensive way. Most will be shipped by USPS. Your maximum cost per shipment will be $13.50. A refund by PayPal will be made if we can send it for less.

Outside of the USA shipping will be quoted, please contact with items shown that you are interested in, and we will send you the cost to ship.

From deep in the Ball and Ball Storage Rooms, Attics and Basements
we have discovered some true gems of the hardware world.

These are NOT ‘Seconds” just items that do not match current catalog standards.
Any that we did not make—are noted.

UPDATED October 09, 2017


The Ball and Ball office does not have these products there to look at,
any questions please email and Mr. Ball will reply.

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Mouse over most photos to see a second view.

1"dia Brass Knob with cast in nail mounting


These Cast Brass Knobs are UK made, maybe in the 1800's, they have been turned, they have  a cast in place nail for mounting--it is 5/8" long. The knob is 1" Dia and projects 5/8". Light cleaning will give a good antique finish, a buffing wheel is needed to polish them.

About one-hundred fifty (150) available.

$5.75 for set of four (4) knobs

1" dia Brass Knob with cast in nail mounting


These are more knobs like above. Need more than four (4)? This could be your answer. Same knobs, same condition, same details as # 103--the only change is the price for a set of 10, instead of four (4) knobs.

About one-hundred fifty (150) available.

$11.75 for set of ten (10).

Cast Brass 'Key-Look' Door Pull


This is one of our small lock keys with the key part cut off, and then threaded 10/24 size. It can be put directly into the wood, or a nut used for inside. To finish the 'Key' look, one of the brass escutcheons could be used.

About forty-five (45) available.

$3.80 for set of four (4) pieces.

Commercial steel lock, re-mounted by B&B


This was a customer ordered piece, we made a few too many. It will fit a slant top desk lid, the edge is bevelled for that.  I have not yet found any keys that fit this lock, so ask first, I will include them if I find any.

Fifteen (15) available.

$2.50 for each lock.

Brass R.H. Ice Box Latch, repro from China


This copy is very close to the original, except that the key hole is decoration only, it does not lock. 2-1/4"wide x 4" high polished finish as produced, most still in original packing from factory. Light hand polish will finish it. Keeper and screws included. 

Three (3) available.

$6.75 each.

Hepplewhite Cut Corner key escutcheon


This B&B made stamped brass escutcheon, was modified from our stock for an order--I think we made too many 'extras'.  1-1/8" high x 1" wide, with the keyhole 3/4" high. Polished years ago,  but light hand polishing will restore the shine. Mounting pins included.

About fifty (50) available.

$7.25 per set of four (4).

Colonial period Key Escutcheon 3-1/4" high


Our Chippendale  key escutcheon is made in house, proper period copy, cut from sheet brass, then hand filed as the originals were. It will work on the right hand side of a double door set--as on a Secretary Desk. Size is 3-1/4" high x 3/4"  wide. To get a L Hand one go to B&B catalog # L-100. 

Forty (40) available.

$11.00 per set of four (4).

Oval Hepplewhite Key Escutcheon


B&B made L-69 esc, as modified for yet another now gone furniture maker. It is 1-1/2"high x 1-1/8"wide x 3/4" high keyhole. These were polished years ago, but hand buffing will bring the shine back. Mounting pins included.

About one-hundred (100) available.

$7.50 per set of six (6)

Iron drawer lock with brass bolt, UK made


This lock is a well made unit, complete with steel key. It is 2-3/4" wide x 2-1/4" high x 3/4"drop to the key pin center.  All are keyed alike, sorry no extra keys availble. Screws not included

Thirty-five (35) available.

$9.75 per set of three (3) locks.

Brass L.H. Ice Box latch, repro from China


Details as # 111 ONLY FOR LEFT HAND DOORS.  Most are in the original wrapper, the key hole is for looks--there is no lock in it.Hand polising will bring back the shine. Complete as you see it with screws and keeper.

Six (6) available.

$6.75 each.

Square body furniture casters


B&B made furniture brass casters, like K-26 but smaller special size. 7/8" inside square, 1-1/8" ourside of square. 7/8" diameter wheel, and 1-1/8" floor to bottom of square cup.


One set of 4 available only

$20.00 4 per set

Chrome finish casters


Same size and details as # 121 above, but with bright chrome plate finish.


One set of 4 available only

$35.00 4 per set

Brass Finial Butt Hinges


4" x 2-3/8" wide UK made extruded brass butts with thread on finails by B&B. A hand polishing should make them shine. These are right for thin--under 1-1/4" thick doors, but can be used on thicker ones without a problem.


6 pair only available at this price.

$26.00 1 pr/set

Brass Finial Butt Hinges


4" x 2-5/8" wide, UK made extruded brass butts, with B&B made thread on finials, these 5 pair have been bright polished and lacquered. These match but are slightly thicker than #124 above.


5 pair only available at this price. Set = 1 pair.

$32.00 1 pr/set

Small brass box foot


3/8" turned brass box foot with threaded mount for wood or other soft material. Un-finished, buffing wheel will be needed to polish these. Offered as a lot of 8 pieces.

8 available as one set.

$8.00 8 per set

Ring pull


3/4" diameter brass ring on woodscrew threaded post, ideal for small door or drawer use. Matches 1700's originals, made by B&B.

4 sets of 4 available.

$9.50 4 per set

8-1/2" strap hinges for Flush mounting


8" hinge with 2-1/4" wide pintle plate used. These were made to be flush mounted all on the same level of wood. 10-1/4" long overall x 2-1/2" high, made from 1/8" steel not hand forged, not bevelled edge.



6 pair only available at this price.

$26.80 1 pr/set

8-1/2" strap hinges for Flush mounting


8" hinge with 1-1/4" wide pintle plate used. These were made to be flush mounted all on the same level of wood. 10-1/4" long overall x 2-1/2" high, made from 1/8" steel not hand forged, not bevelled edge.



6 pair only available at this price.

$26.75 1 pr/set

Threaded Brass Pads


1-3/16" dia x 1/2" thick x 1/4"-20 threaded hole, sold turned brass foot, unfinished, supplied as shown.

5 sets available

$8.50 4 per set

Turned wood wheels


1-1/8" diameter x 9/16" wide x 1/8" hole. These hardwood wheels will work well for many projects. We have lots of these, with no use in sight.

10 sets available

$6.00 8 per set

Cast brass drop Pull


These Cast Brass Queen Anne period copies do not match our current production. Complete with 'snipe' push through and bend over mountings. These have not been polished, but are smooth and would go to a nice 'antique' finish easily, or shine from a buffing wheel.

8 sets available

$7.00 4 per set

Turned brass knob, one piece with turned rose.


Brass knob with large 3/4" section at base. These were made to rivet onto a catch--you might need to modify the mounting to use them.

10 sets available

$4.50 4 per set

Cast Brass Ring


1-3/8" dameter with flower detail at mounting edges and center of bottom. Most are smooth and will polish easily.

20 sets available.

$3.00 4 per set

Brass 3/8" Dia Knob, NO Mountings


These we made to work on a special project, might have made too many. There is a 1/8" dia hole in the back that was to fit a pin and be forced on to lock it, soft solder or epoxy should work for you to mount them.

10 sets available.

$6.00 10 per set

Brass 3/8" Knob with mounting screw


This 3/8" knob has as one piece the threaded post, they are unfinished as you can see. They are not quite our current shape for the G19 knob.

10 sets available.

$10.00 8 per set

Odd Pieces # 1


Cone, in Cast Brass. 1" high x 1-3/4" diameter. Not sure where where they came from, but will be very glad to get them out of here--if you can use them. These are not final finished, but are smooth and ready to polish.

8 sets available.

$3.00 2 per set

Odd Pieces # 2 Threaded thin Brass Cap


2" diameter outside 1-3/4" dia inside. These are thin sheet threaded with very fine thread to make a solder on reciever and a screw on cap. No idea of intended use--but if you need some really strange pieces, get some of these!

10 sets available.

$5.00 5 per set

Odd Pieces # 3 More Threaded Brass


These are 1-3/8" od by 1-1/8" id, there is no flange on the 'receiver' piece so would need to be located if used on sheet metal. The very fine threads on both of these work easily--but since they have been in a box here for 30-40 years a small spray of WD 40 makes it easier.

6 sets available.

$5.00 5 per set

Odd pieces # 4 Cast Brass Hook parts


These 3-1/2" long (most of them) pices were part of our larger R series hooks, cut from the Eagle part, when the Eagle was used as a lamp finial. Not sure why they were saved--maybe just for you? Most will polish easily, some not so easy, best ones will be sent out first. ideal for hall coat hanging--just cover the mounting part somehow.

6 sets available.

$6.50 5 per set

Odd Pieces # 5 Holes in 5" sq Plates


The title says almost all of it. 5" square thin brass (.025 or .030 thick) with a 4" hole turned from the middle. We used the middle part--can you use this part? There must be something to do with them???? 20 pieces available now, buy all for $9.00, or per set.

10 sets available.

$4.00 2 per set

Odd Pieces # 6 Craftsmanship time!


Finally, a project that can take hours, keep you out of the kitchen (and therefore out of the way) and maybe make a nice thing while you are having fun in your shop. 8-1/2" long 1/2" wide 1/4" thick pieces mill cut from the edges of forged door push plates. 4 pieces to make a photo frame? Or only 2 if a lot smaller frame is possible? You name your project, I will hang onto these for you.

10 sets available.

$4.00 2 per set

Extra Wide 10" open R. Hand hinges


2 Pair Only this size. They are rolled sheet steel with Right Hand use only Lift Off type joint. The full measurements are 10 wide open, 5" wide edge of hinge to pin center, the mounting leaf is 4-1/4" high, and the hinge center section is 3" high. Will clear very deep door jamb moldings.

Screws not included.

2 sets available, 1 pair per set.

$28.00 per set

More Normal 5" wide open L. Hand hinges


Again only 2 pair available. Size 5" wide open, 2-1/2" wide closed, mounting strip is 2-3/4" high. This is a normal Left Hand Shutter hinge. Cast Iron construction. To tell the hand you need--look at the window from the outside, these will work on the hinge to your right side.

Screws not included.

2 Pair only this size.

$24.00 for both pair

Right Hand Shutter Hinges


Cast Iron 1/2 joint, lift off shutter hinges. This was the most popular size made. They are 5" wide open x 2-5/8" at mounting strip. These are Right Hand Only, see item # 144 to tell the hand you need. The cast in marking on these is 5 -R.

Screws not included.

8 pair available, sold by the pair--as one lot

$17.50 per pair (one set)

Stanley marked sheet steel L.H. hinges


These are sheet steel with a loose pin, and will work on Left Hand Doors only. I would not use them on shutters as they would rust solid in days. Size is close to # 146 above at 5" wide open x 2-5/8" high at mounting point.

Screws not included.

4 pair available, offered as a lot of 2 pair (two lots possible)

$14.00 per lot